Fly Fishing Devon: Logistics for Instruction & Guiding on Dartmoor Rivers

Things to bear in mind

  • Anglers must obtain an Environment Agency (EA) rod licence before fishing.

  • With complete beginners we often recommend a lesson on a lake beforehand.

  • For your safety wear eye protection: sunglasses, polaroids. or prescription spectacles

  • What do I need to bring to an instruction or guiding session?

  • We can provide suitable equipment: rod, reel, line and flies etc.

  • Or you may prefer to use your own. Here are  our suggestions  for suitable tackle.

  • Please bring a packed lunch and suitable outerwear - the weather is changeable on Dartmoor.

Footwear and clothing

  • Chest waders are required for fishing on Dartmoor and recommended for the River Yealm. Stout walking boots or wellington boots suffice for instruction on a lake.

  • Please bring your own waders if you are fishing on a river, To prevent the risk of spreading foot infections we do not hire waders.

  • Waders vary widely in price. For occasional use we recommend Snowbee Granite PVC ChestWaders for fishing on Dartmoor; chest or thigh waders for the Upper Yealm , see:

  • Please bring a packed lunch and suitable outerwear - the weather is changeable on Dartmoor.

  • Upper Yealm Fishery

    We normally meet you at 10am or 2pm in the car-park of the Westward Inn, Lee Mill, Ivybridge. See here for directions

    The Upper Yealm Fishery is a 5 token (£15) Westcountry Angling Passport beat.

    Westcountry Angling Passport tokens can be purchased online from the Westcountry Angling Passport  website

    Or in person, or via 'phone, from the Snowbee shop: Contact details

    Let us know if you encounter a problem purchasing Tokens.

    Please pay the guide fee by cheque or in cash

    Safety: Parking, access, wading and checking river levels

    Lower beat

    The Lower beat offers convenient parking within a short distance of the river with several easy access points from the river bank. We recommend using a wading staff.

    Upper beat

    A private fisherman's path runs alongside the Upper beat with several access points from the river bank. There are several deep pools on this beat. We recommend using a wading staff.

    Brief tour of Lower beat

    Brief tour of Upper beat

    Filmed on 30th November 2018

    Checking river levels

    Before fishing we recommend using the link on our website  to check current river levels on the Environment Agency website.

    Guidance notes for sessions at Fernworthy reservoir

    View this,
    Drive on up to the reservoir. Eventually you will find the car park on your right. Stop at the point where you would turn right into the car park. Directly in front of you is a wooden five bar gate with a sign upon it saying “anglers parking only”. Open and drive through the gate. Close gate! Continue down the track about 250 meters and you will find an obvious parking area on right. Park and dismount. Access to the permit hut is via the adjacent track. The permit hut is next to the water about 75 meters from the parking place.

    The following notes will assist those new to fly fishing and those travelling from abroad who are new to UK fishing.

    What to wear.
    Wellington boots or good outdoor shoes are sufficient. If you want to wear trainers in good weather that’s ok but they may get muddy and wet.
    Waders are not required. Bring a hat and glasses or sunglasses for safety reasons. We normally carry safety glasses and some old hats with us but you might prefer your own (we would).
    Wear outdoor clothing suitable to the time of year. In the spring and autumn it can turn cold at any time. If you are thinking of a shirt, T shirt, fleece and body warmer in the spring, double it! Its always better to bring too many layers than not enough.
    It can rain at any time on Dartmoor, unless the weather forecast says there is no chance of rain bring some form of waterproof. You might want to bring gloves in March and April.

    Food and drink.
    Bring something to eat and drink as we always take at least two breaks. In a summer heatwave, think, plenty to drink.

    Sunscreen and insect repellent.
    Only you know what factor sunscreen you like. We use total sunblock or factor 30 minimum. On occasion, small biting midges can pose a problem from May until September, generally after light rain in still air, in the late afternoon or evening. Don’t be overly concerned by this, our midges are nowhere near as vicious as the Scottish highland midge, but if insects flying about bother you just have some repellent handy.

    Fishing equipment.
    You don’t need any. If you have some please do bring it with you.

    Environment Agency rod licence and fishing permit.
    These are two different things. You must have an Environment Agency rod licence. These can be purchased at a post office or online. The minimum requirement is for a, 1 day, trout and coarse 2 rod licence costing £6.00 (2018/19 price). See,
    For beginners sessions bring £5.00 cash for your reduced rate fishing permit. If you are redeeming a voucher the permit may have been paid for in advance and this will be checked before the session.

    Usually open from end of April until October, but don’t bank on it!. Au naturel/”en plein air” is possible in the woods and hedgerows. Other than that the nearest public toilets are in Chagford about a 20 minute drive away.

    Mobile signal is poor around Fernworthy. Please do not used your mobile phone whilst under instruction except for taking photographs or video footage.

    Through experience, dogs not permitted.

    Please do let us have any questions arising from the above. Thank you.

    Click image for larger view of this brochure

    Duchy of Cornwall - Dartmoor Fishery

    Chest waders are required for fishing on Dartmoor

    Please bring a packed lunch and suitable outerwear - the weather is changeable on Dartmoor

    Here is the comprehensive brochure with details of permit agents, parking & fishing access points

    Duchy fishing permits are obtainable on the day at several permit agents.

    If you have paper tokens from the Westcountry Angling Passport (WAP) scheme you can use them in full or part payment, but note that they are only valid in the season in which they are issued.

    If you are using the WAP mobile Fish Pass app you can scan the QR code at the the agents mentioned on the app.

    Please do let us have any questions arising from the above. Thank you.