• Fly fishing instruction for young people

Fly fishing instruction for young people

We are not nearly as fierce as the following may make us seem, and we are not trying to put you off, it's just best to make matters very clear in advance.

We find that some children do not have the attention span to take in the information about casting. Some children may not have the physical capacity to use a fly rod. They sometimes get bored and just want to wander off.

However, one of our best ever students was 8 years of age. We have a returning customer who is 9 yrs and a real pleasure to be out with on Dartmoor all day.

Despite what you may have been told, early success does not create a lifelong angler. The picture shows Paul's son with his first - and last - salmon - he is now a passionate surfer !

But Paul's grandson may follow in his grandfather's footsteps

We instruct children on the basis:

  1. That they are accompanied by a parent or guardian
  2. That it is the child that is keen to give it a go and not the parent saying he/she is keen
  3. That the children are well behaved
  4. That the children understand, beforehand, that few people catch a fish upon their first outing. Truthfully they are unlikely to catch on their first outing. We often end up doing the cast for them/with them and the child does what we call the retrieve which sometimes results in a fish or two (this is recognised coaching practice).
We have found that our junior sessions can be fun and some juniors have turned up again and again for further sessions.