Fly Fishing Devon: Instruction & Guiding on Dartmoor Rivers
Please bring your own waders if we are guiding / instructing you on a river.
To prevent the risk of spreading foot infections we do not hire waders.
Waders vary widely in price.
Snowbee Granite PVC Thigh Waders (Product Code 11073.01. £39.99) are suitable for occasional use, see:

Wader Choice:"Death, Taxes and Leaky Waders"

The title of John Gierach's book - "Death, Taxes and Leaky Waders" - says it all - leaking waders seem to be one of life's unavoidable perils. Pick any fishing forum at random and you are sure to find pages of advice on what waders to buy, the durability of waders at various price points, and suppliers replacement policies.

  • Chest waders are more expensive than thigh waders. But they have several advatages. It's all too easy to bend over in the river, or sit down on wet grass and get a soaking
  • Personally I prefer stockingfoot over bootfoot waders. In bootfoot waders the boot is an integral part of the wader. This design makes it easier to get into an out of the waders. Stockingfoot waders have waterproof neoprene socks and are worn with separate boots. This arrangement provides greater ankle support which can be important, especially if you plan to walk a long way during a day's fishing.
  • Take care to try on waders to make sure they fit. There is a lot of bending and stretching during a day's fishing. This can place undue pressure on seams - an acknowledged weak point in some types of wader. Also try to avoid the 'baggy trousers' effect - it doesn't help if the material between your legs rubs together excessively
  • Wader maintenance

  • Zach Matthews has written a comprehensive explanation of the materialsused to construct breathable waders. Zach explains the limitations of DWR coating. DWR(durable water repellent) is added to fabrics at the factory to make them water-resistant. Unfortunately DWR wears off over time through dirt and normal wear and tear. But DWR can be restored using spray-on or wash-in products. Suitable Nikwax cleaning and reproofing products are widely available in the UK
  • Personally I hand wash my waders in a tub trug rather than a washing machine because - apparently - residues of some domestic washing products (fabric softener?) used on clothing can damage breathable fabrics. There are differences between manufacturers in the materials used to construct waders. Therefore it is important to read the care instructions that came with the waders.
  • Waders can begin to smell especially in hot summer weather. Odor-Eaters sell a spray to overcome this problem
  • It is important to ensure that waders are dry inside and outside before longterm storage
  • Avoid standing on sharp stones in just the neoprene socks attached to stockingfoot waders. I use a spare car floor mat.
  • Wader repair

  • Faulty seams in waders can be a source of problems. Diver Dave gives a detailed explanation of why waders leak . He has established a very good reputation for finding and fixing wader problems. He can provide new waders that he has tested - and if necessary seam sealed - before he sells them to you
  • Aquasure (widely available in the UK) is a popular DIY way to repair tears and 'pin holes' in waders.
  • Simms have made this useful YouTube videoguide on how to repair a small tear with Aquasure.
  • This Simms video explains how to locate and repair 'pin holes' in waders with Aquasure
  • Make sure you store the opened Aquaseal tube in the freezer section of a fridge to prevent solidification of unused adhesive in the tube.
  • This Patagonia leaflethas some useful tips on in-the-field wader repair
  • Time to buy a new pair of waders? This Simms video describes when repair is not worthwhile