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The Upper Yealm Fishery is part of the Westcountry Angling Passport scheme.

We hope the Facebook News feed, anglers' catch reports, comments & videos help you enjoy your trip. They contain useful pointers to successful tactics.

Access is available on a day or season ticket basis. Salmon fishing runs to 15th December

Tight lines, enjoy your fishing. Paul Kenyon & Russell Weston

Anglers reports will appear here during the 2019 season

Here is the link to reports made during the 2018 season

September: sea trout

Low river levels provided an opportunity to observe sea trout. This video contains tips on using their behaviour, shape and colour to spot these very shy fish.

August: brown trout

The 2018 winners of the Wild Trout Trust auction fish the Yealm in August after a period of low water followed by brief but significant rainfall.

June: brown trout

Tim Rolston (MCI), South African fly-fishing casting instructor, guide and author, caught brown trout & observed sea trout in late June 2018.

May-June 2018

Lessons learned and re-learned fly fishing on the River Yealm in South Devon under low water conditions in May and June 2018

Roll casting

Roll casting is a useful technique when bankside vegetation restricts space for an overhead (pick-up-and-lay-down) cast

Double Spey Cast

The Double Spey cast is another useful technique when overhanging vegetation restricts an overhead cast

May 2014: brown trout

Wild Trout Trust auction winner

June 2015: After rain

Fly fishing for wild brown trout on the river Yealm in South Devon on 13th June 2015

May 2014: brown trout

Swarms of upwinged flies rising and falling close to the river.